We provide a full range of Computer Services including Computer Repairs, Computer Health Checks, New Computer and Equipment Setups, Installing Software, Virus, Malware and Scam Removal and Anti Virus Software Installation, Backing up your data to keep it safe, Wireless Network setup and as they say much, much more – all to keep your computer happy!

The main services we provide are described in more detail below.

The range of things that can go wrong is seemingly endless so if the type of help you need is not listed here I am sure we will still be able to help. Please Contact Us if you need further information.

Computer Servicing, Health Checks and Problem Solving

It is a good idea to have a computer serviced to help it to keep running smoothly.

We provide a full Computer Health Check / Computer “MOT” style service which can be done either annually or every now and then as needed to keep you computer happily working well.

Computer Health Check / “MOT” Service  includes:-

  • Removing unwanted Software / Toolbars / Applets
  • Removing or Stopping background processes that are not needed.
  • Full Hard Disc Cleanup clearing out all temporary and other junk files.
  • Complete necessary updates for Windows / Java / Flash etc
  • Check on Anti Virus Software and update as needed.
  • Backup Data to DVD or External Hard Drive
  • Install any new Hardware and Software you may have.
  • A chance for you to ask questions about any issues you have with your computer or ask advise on adding new software or hardware you may be thinking of getting etc.

New Computer Setup Service

When you are thinking of buying a new computer or maybe have just purchased one it always helps to have someone come round and help you set it up correctly. Transferring your old computer’s data / documents / photos / emails and all of your other items onto your new computer along with setting up your Internet and your printer and digital camera can be quite a headache.

Our New Computer Setup Service includes:-

  • Pre Purchase advise to help you choose the best computer for you.
  • Setup the new Computer in your home.
  • Setup your Printer / Scanner / Digital Camera etc
  • Setup your Software
  • Transfer your data / documents / photos etc from your old computer.
  • Setup your Internet on your new computer.
  • Show you how to use new and useful features on your new computer and help familiarize you with the new layout of your new computer.
  • Advise you on any special backup procedure you need to make. Quite often a new computer requires you to make a set of recovery discs.

Virus and Scam removal

When your Computer has become infected with a virus, malware, spyware or more usually these days some sort of Scam or Rogue Anti-Virus program.

We will be happy to come round and deal with the various sorts of offending virus type stuff which has appeared on your computer. We will also then check on the status of your Anti Virus Software and update it if needed.

The majority of attacks now usually come not in traditional virus infestation but in the form of a Scam. The Scam is a rogue program which gets onto your computer and comes in many forms but usually follows a pattern of:

  • A very professional looking program comes up which looks very convincingly like a real anti-virus program or a Windows warning.
  • The program tells you that there are lots of viruses on your computer.
  • Your current Anti Virus program will be disabled.
  • You won’t be able to use the Internet.
  • You won’t be able to install any new programs.
  • Messages will keep popping up with increasing frequency that you need to deal with the presented problems.
  • The program offers to “Fix” the problems.

If you opt for this you will be asked for payment which if you pay will give the malicious person behind the scam not only some money but your credit card details.

Data Backup Service

We provide a Service to backup all of your Data, Photos, Music, Documents to DVD or External Hard Drive

Your data is precious especially photographs that sometimes cannot be replaced if they are lost. No data is completely safe on your computer. While it is quite rare for a computer to die in such a way that all your computer data is also lost it is possible and I have been to a few people who have lost many years worth of photos.

 Our Data Backup Service includes:-

  • Backup of all your current Data to DVD or External Hard Drive.
  • Advise on the getting an External Hard Drive if this is needed.
  • We teach you how to backup your Data to encourage you to do this yourself on a regular basis.

Computer Repairs

When your computer goes wrong Happy PC is happy to provide a Computer repair service to get your computer up and running again.

We can also advise on upgrades and if your computer is getting older we can say if it may be better to buy a new computer and advise on the best models to get.

Sometimes we can obtain refurbished computers which can replace a computer which is not economical to repair